A pilot rescues baby chimp in Zenith STOL

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Lwiro Primates, a rehabilitation center and sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees and monkeys in Congo, Africa, shared this emotional video of a baby chimp rescue. Mussa, the baby chimp, sits in the lap of pilot Anthony Caere, who is flying the chimp to safety in a Zenith STOL CH 701 "Sky Jeep" light sport utility aircraft.

The touching short video of the rescue flight went viral on social media and international news, showing the pilot flying the baby chimp to his new home, even letting him play with the airplane's controls on the flight.

Anthony Caere is an anti-poaching pilot at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa, and also a self-described explorer and conservationist. The second half of this video shows photos from Anthony's Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/anthonycaere


Virunga National Park pilot Anthony Caere with baby chimp Mussa. Source: Lwiro Primates/ Facebook

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Sebestian M
02 Mar, 2018